How to change your Minecraft server version?

Sometimes you might want to play on a specific version of Minecraft, rather than the latest version. To do so, just follow these steps. We've developed a unique automatic update system that works to keep all packs updated as soon as new versions are released.

For each different modpack or pack you choose to install you need a specific launcher, you can see in the following table.

Modpack / Pack from:Required Launcher
FeedTheBeastFTB launcher
TechnicTechnic launcher
VoidsWrathVoids Wrath launcher
CurseCurse launcher
PixelmonPixelmon launcher
Forge or CauldronForge modding launcher
Vanilla, Snapshot, Craftbukkit, SpigotMinecraft launcher

In this tutorial, I'm going to install the Pixelmon mod. So follow these steps: 

1. Go to the "Maintenance" and "Reinstall" menu to open the packs auto-installer menu. 

2. You can directly search a pack if you know its name. 

3. Or you can enter in the pack category like here, it's Pixelmon logo. 

4. Go to the "Console" to check logs during the start. 

5. Start the server and wait during loading.

Once the server has started, use the appropriate launcher to connect to your server in using the right version of the pack. 

If the server doesn't start, sometimes for new modpacks or mods, you'll need java 8. You can enable it from the "Settings" menu, save changes and restart the server. 

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