How to install a custom JAR file?

It is possible to install any server type or mod pack on your server, even if it isn't available from the auto-installer already.

To do this, you will need to install it as a custom jar and upload it using the FTP to the server's root. 

In this guide, I'll use the Paper-Spigot jar file. You can download it here

For any other custom jar file you can download it from its' respective website. 

Before uploading something, we are going to prepare the server for the new installation. 

You'll need a FTP client to send files, I'll use Filezilla for this tutorial, you can download it here.


1. Go to the "Maintenance" tab and "Reinstall" menu in order to select the OPENMOD pack. 

2. Click on the pack and confirm the installation, it will delete all your current files to host the new file. 

3. Open the "FTP/MySQL" menu from the control panel and your favorite FTP client.

4. Enter in Filezilla the address, user and password, then click on the "Quickconnect" button. 

5. Open your Windows explorer where your custom JAR is, then drag and drop the file into your server's root. 

6. Once that is done uploading to your server, you will have one .jar file. Go to "Settings" menu to load up it from the

    "SERVER VERSION" selector.

7. Select the uploaded file, for me it's "PaperSpigot-latest".  

8. Click on the button "SAVE CHANGES". 

9. Finally start the server.

Now you can connect with Minecraft to test your new custom version! 

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