Why the server doesn't start?

The server can't start for following reasons: 

- The modpack is too recent and requires java 8. (Enable it from the "Settings" menu). 

- The installed mod is not compatible for server side so you need to remove it. (For e.g. "CustomMainMenu").

- The server version is empty, it happens when you upload your own custom jar or restore a backup. So use the "SERVER VERSION" selector from the "Settings" menu to get the right one. 

- The disk space is full because of some automatic backup files caused by mod, plugin or console logs. Remove logs folder, backups folder with Filezilla and your FTP access. 

Which ports are open for the server

You can use a port between 31000 and 32500 for your plugins or mods, don't use the same port on all your plugins. 

For example you can set 31241 for Dynmap, then 32454 for votifier etc... 

What are the server's specs?

Our nodes have Intel Xeon E3-1240v2 processor, Intel SSD disk, DDR3 RAM memory and 1 Gbps connection with DDoS protection.

Where are the servers located?

We have a datacenter in Canada to provide North America servers and in France for the European servers.

Which control panel do you use?

We use a dedicated Minecraft Panel, we have developed our own management interface, allowing you to configure your server with a few clicks and without special computer knowledges. We provide web FTP to configure files, live console, instant plugins install, backups manager...

Can I get a trial server to test?

Absolutely! We can offer 7 days free trials with Minecraft servers to test our Minecraft panel. Simply order the WALKER plan to test. (Sometimes the offer can be out of stock, so please be patient in waiting the renewal).

Can I get a discount for paying in a longer billing period?

Yes, we offer a discount if you pay for a long period. For example for a 6 months payment you'll get 20% discount.

How long does it take to setup a server?

Setup is instant after we received the payment. You'll get an email with your login details.
If your server was not automatically setup, please post a ticket from the Helpdesk menu.

What payment methods do you currently accept?

We accept PayPal and Allopass (it accepts all major credit/debit cards and paysafecard).

The payment way with Allopass can change depending of your country. You can have an additional cost for Allopass.

Can I use a custom JAR file?

Yes, you can use FTP to upload your custom JAR into your server, and select the name of the JAR file from the "SERVER VERSIONS". Then save, restart, and your server should be running on the custom JAR file.

Do you provide a MySQL database with the server?

Yes only for the GHAST and DRAGON plans come with MySQL database.

Can I get a custom domain for my server?

Yes! We are able to give you a custom domain as "play.xtrempvp.com". To request one, simply open a support ticket in your Helpdesk panel, and include the custom domain you wish to request.

Can I upload my own map file or a downloaded map?

You can easily upload any map you want into your server. Just use the FTP access and a FTP client as Filezilla. Follow this tutorial for full steps.

Can I change my Minecraft version after the purchase?

Yes, you can change your Minecraft version whenever you wish, for example from Spigot to a Curse modpack with the "Maintenance" and "Reinstall" panel.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package after the purchase?

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you want. You can do it from your control panel with the "CHANGE" button.

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